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Adventure doesn't stop when you're pregnant!

We've got you covered with gear as bold and fearless as you are, along with pure, organic supplements + baby gear to fuel your journey postpartum.


Supporting you through your motherhood journey.

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Pregnant, postpartum, or just perpetually bloated? We're creating clothes that are built to last. Because pregnancy and postpartum fashion should be as versatile as you are. Our clothes and 100% organic supplements have got you covered.

Plus, gear for when your baby arrives that they'll love and reduce screaming by 20%.* *We tested this ourselves on our babies. They hate clothes that don't open in the front.

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    Origin Story

    "I wanted maternity clothes that I could wear after birth, without worrying about what I weighed."

    I was bloated, nauseous, and annoyed. Nothing fit. I was also eating a LOT of McDonalds. It was the only thing I seemed to want. That and pizza.

    It was the dead of winter.
    My husband, being the die-hard winter person wanted to get to Tahoe asap to ski. I may not have been as die-hard as him and in the mood for sking down a mountain in my bloated and second-trimester state, but I was a person who grew up in the woods / snow in rural Idaho, and at one point even lived in an RV and slept in -10* F (in snow pants I might add).
    Although I was not going to go down any black diamonds pregnant, I did at least wanted to attempt to walk outside and hike / snowshoe / explore...

    The problem?
    Everything was leggings or maternity jeans.
    How the HECK was I going to go to Tahoe with my husband in leggings? I mean, ok, I couldn't really do anything. But I did want to at least walk outside and not freeze my buns off.

    "No way leggings are going to keep me warm!" I thought as I looked at my once small, beautiful body ballooning into a comical blob...
    But, I also didn't want to blow money on some size large pants that wouldn't fit me after (assuming I'd lose all this weight... Would I even lose it?! I didn't know.) And, when I tried them on, there was a wild draft. They were too large.

    It turned out it wasn't just me, it was a bunch of other mothers. And, that's why we started this.
    It didn't just stop there either... The list of issues went on and on...

    Between lack of breastmilk after birth...
    The questionable drugs with unknown origins...
    The baby outfits that had our newlyborn and tiny preemies screaming and freezing during diaper blow outs...

    We're still at it - Learning day by day. We made these for you and for us. things we wish we had sooner to enjoy what our non-pregnant and non-mom counterparts enjoy - Warm, adventure, and some peace-of-mind!
    Thank you for visiting and we hope you'll follow our brand new instagram account @powdermoms where you'll find updates and honest-to-goodness rants, raves, and tips for and by moms.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy / new family member and we can't wait to support you on your journey!

    ~Alice & The Powder Lab Moms

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